Robert Isenberg – A friend I would have once called primarily a travel writer, but that time has passed. Dude does everything. Plays. Documentaries. Journalism. Noir fantasy detective stories. All pies are Robert’s pies, you know?

Jess Simms – Friend, fellow (although better) fiction writer, and Penguins superfan, Jess offers up some thoughts about, well, whatever she feels like thinking about, I suppose.

Six Gallery Press – A wonderful local press focused on avant-garde literature. A little taste of everything for everyone with a diverse palate.

The Haven – Reading series based in Pittsburgh. They host readings, usually themed, all over the city. Most readers are local writers, but they also pull in their fair share of touring word-folk. Also, there’s usually free booze…

Lars Breaxface – “Exiled from his home planet after exposure to a lycanthropic virus, orbit-salvager Lars Breaxface roams the cosmos as muscle-for-hire, the ultimate lone wolf. But when he meets a mysterious stranger in the far reaches of space, the wolfman finds himself in the middle of an alien plot he doesn’t understand, breaking a lot of faces. With the galaxy hanging in the balance, can Lars tame the beast? Or is he only capable of super apocalyptic werewolf mass destruction?” By my man (and new father!) Brandon Getz. Werewolf. Space. Right?

Littsburgh – An online destination for the writers, publishing professionals, organizations, and readers who make Pittsburgh one of the world’s most literary cities. Super cool folk doing super cool shit.